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DC to DC Converter

We are Manufacturer of DC-to-DC Converter, Regulator and PoL Converter

Direct Current Converter are used for some reasons

To convert the input voltage to another level of voltage. The new level can be higher, lower, inverted and/or isolated. Another use of DC converters is to "fresh-up" the DC voltage or a DC signal on long feed lines. Important in this case is the use of a wide range converter.


DC-DC Converter - with galvanic isolation

Isolated DC-DC converters convert a DC voltage at the input to a DC voltage at the output. Wherein isolation between input and output enables different potentials. The typical isolation voltage is between 500Vdc and 4kVdc. Moreover, the isolation in the "Worst Case" prevents the conversion of the input to the output voltage.
Main advantages of galvanically isolated converter
• Different input/output potentials allowed
• Improved operator protection

DC-DC converter in our Shop



DC-DC Regulator - w/o galvanic separation

Bare (i.e. non-isolated) DC-DC converters have no isolation between input and output. The input must, therefore, have the same potential as the output. Advantages of the controller are the high power density and high efficiency due to the reduced number of components.
Main advantages of uninsulated regulator
• Very high efficiency
• Compact design

DC-DC converter in our Shop



Unregulated DC-DC Converter

Unregulated DC-DC converters have no direct comparison between the actual output voltage and the nominal voltage. Therefore, they lack the ability to compensate for a voltage drop in the output voltage caused by a load increase directly. Often an indirect voltage adjustment is used with a typical load regulation of ± 15 to ± 20% of nominal output voltage.
Key benefits of unregulated converter
• Cost Efficient Design
• Compact design

DC-DC converter in our Shop

unregulated DCDC

DC-DC Converter Sizes


DC Converter DIP8 Size

Power: 1 - 3 Watt


DC Converter DIP24 Size

Power: 3 - 15 Watt

DCDC 2x1

DC Converter 2x1" Size

Power: 15 - 30 Watt

DCDC Quarter Brick

Quarter-Brick Size

Power: 30 - 100 Watt


DCDC Half Brick

Half-Brick Size

Power: 50 - 350 Watt

Single / Dual Output

DCDC Full Brick

Full-Brick Size

Power: 200 - 700 Watt

Temperature protection



Für Quarter- / Half- / Full-Brick

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